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Sickle Cell Trait NCAA Compliance Information
University of Colorado Colorado Springs Athletic Department, Division of Sports Medicine, has adopted a policy following the NCAA bylaw for Division II institutions, to require sickle cell solubility screen as part of the pre-participation medical examination.  This legislation is applicable to all student-athletes in 2012, and only those who are beginning their initial year of eligibility at University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2013.  This test MUST be administered prior to any athletic participation.

A student athlete can comply with this bylaw by completing one of the following options:

  • Provide results of a prior sickle cell test.
  • Take a blood test (sickle cell solubility test) and await the results before participating, may take up to a week for results. 

How to Provide Results of a Previous Test:
As of today, all 50 states have newborn screening programs that identify sickle cell trait status at birth, however not all states adopted screening in the same year.  In the state of Colorado, if your son or daughter was born in or after 1978, results may be available from your child's pediatrician by submitting a medical records release form. We suggest calling your pediatrician prior to submitting any request to ask if they have results on file, if not available, there will be a link below for contacting the states newborn screening program where your child was born.
If your son or daughter was not born in Colorado, please contact your pediatrician for results by using a medical records release form. Alternatively you may contact the newborn screening program in the state where your child was born using this website:

As noted above, please call your pediatrician first to ask if they have results on file, if not available, contact the state.

Educational Information about Sickle Cell Anemia:

Below is a list of links as well as a video about sickle cell trait and athletics.

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