UCCS Intercollegiate Athletics Weight Room Rules and Regulations

The UCCS Department of Intercollegiate Athletic weight training facilities are limited to:

  1. Student-athletes participating in University approved intercollegiate sports
  2. Department of Athletics approved supervised research.
  3. Students-athletes with University medical prescriptions.

Only the Director of Athletics may approve exceptions to this rule.

Student and employee fitness centers are available on campus for use by other students and University personnel.

An Administrative Coordinator, Weight/Strength Programs (Brian Hardy, Head Athletic Trainer) is available for consultation as scheduling permits.

Student-athletes may not utilize the weight rooms until they have successfully completed a physical examination through the Sports Medicine Department.

All weight room users must appear on the roster submitted by the coach to the Compliance Officer.

The following rules and regulations apply to Athletics weight room use:

  • All teams will sign up for an assigned time in which they can train. These schedules will be listed on the doors to the weight room, and coaches will have a copy of the lifting schedule for their team. Anyone with time conflicts should consult Brian Hardy, Head Athletic Trainer.
  • Proper attire is required at all times. This includes T-shirts, sneakers, shorts, sweats, or tights. If sweats are removed to work out, they must be returned to your locker before beginning/continuing with your workout. At no time are you allowed in the Weight Room with Cleats, Sandals or Flip-Flops.
  • No sweaty or dirty practice gear is permitted at any time. Keep dry workout clothes in your locker to use when training.
  • No food, drink (unless in a closed bottle), tobacco products, or other supplements will be allowed at any time.
  • No gym bags, book bags, notebooks, etc. will be allowed in the Weight Room.
    • All "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL" must hold their first aid, CPR and AED certifications from an approved provider
    • "SUPERVISION" is defined as physically being in the weight room, NOT sitting in the athletic offices.
  • All athletes must be working with a partner for spotting and safety purposes.
  • NO WEIGHTS ARE TO BE LEFT ON THE BARS AT ANY TIME. Each piece of equipment is complete with self- storage racks for your safety and convenience. When you finish, you are required to replace your weights to their proper places. If someone is waiting, they can reload the bar. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Technique should be flawless. Never sacrifice technique for the weight being lifted. If changes are needed, you will be required to do so under assigned supervision.
  • NO DUMBBELLS ARE TO BE LEFT ON THE FLOOR. They are to be returned to their proper places on the rack. Dropping them will result in ejection from the weight room.
  • No weights are to be leaned against any piece of equipment at any time.
  • Graduate and undergraduate student assistants are either hired or studying toward their certification as Strength and Conditioning Specialists will be available as assistants. They are to be respected and listened to at all times. 
  • Weight Room hours are not come as you please. If you cannot make your assigned workout time, please clear an alternate time through Brian Hardy, Head Athletic Trainer.
  • No tape or other wraps are to be placed on bars without prior approval.
  • Spotters must be used at all times to give lift-offs for their partner, and must always return the weight to the rack. This goes for extremely light weights as well as extremely heavy weights.
  • No hanging or twisting on any cables at any time during your workout.
  • No moving of equipment or adjusting of any piece of apparatus is permitted.
  • No standing on equipment is permitted anywhere except for designated areas for spotting. DO NOT EVER STAND ON ANY UPHOLSTERY OR LEAN ON BARS, PULLEY CABLES, PADS, OR ANY OTHER AREA THAT IS NOT MEANT FOR THOSE TYPE STRESSES.
  • Keys will be issued to designated supervisors. If a supervisor opens a Weight Room for you and your team during off hours, you MUST remain with your team while they lift.

Responsible use and supervision is critical. All coaches are responsible for assisting in the area of risk management related to these facilities. Violation of any of these rules may result in loss of weight room privileges. This space has been given to us by the University as well as the University Center; treat it as if it was your house.

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