Mountain Lion All-Americans

University of Colorado Colorado Springs student-athletes have earned 49 All-America honors since Greg Meyer earned the university's first All-America honor in 1997. If you notice an error (either an omission, misspelling or inaccuracy), please contact the Mountain Lion Sports Information Office at (719) 255-3003.

Men's Cross Country (2 All-Americans)
Trent Briney 11th 1999
Moses Tum 8th 2004
Women's Cross Country (10 All-Americans)
Kira Claussen 29th 1999
Sarah Vigil 13th 2000
Sarah Gray 34th 2000
Shannon Payne 35th 2004
Shannon Payne 10th 2005
Shannon Payne 11th 2006
Shannon Payne 3rd 2008
Megan Burrell 37th 2012
Men's Soccer (1 All-American)
Greg Meyer 1st Team 1997
Volleyball (1 All-American)
Nikki Kinzer Daktronics Third Team 2012
Men's Basketball (1 All-American)
Derrick White Daktronics Third Team 2013
Men's Indoor Track & Field (3 All-Americans)
Trent Briney 5,000-meter run 4th 2001
Steven Gomez High jump 7th 2009
Carson Aberle 800-meter run 8th 2013
Women's Indoor Track & Field (3 All-Americans)
Amanda Occhi 5,000-meter run 6th 2002
Sarah Shepard 5,000-meter run 8th 2007
Lauren Graham Pole vault 2nd 2011
Softball (6 All-Americans)
Crystal Krebs NFCA First Team C 2004
Crystal Krebs NFCA Second Team C 2005
Stacy Haney NFCA Third Team / Daktronics First Team OF 2007
Rachel Hancock Daktronics Second Team 2B 2007
Jessika Anastos NFCA Third Team 2B 2009
Payton Kornfeind NFCA First Team / Daktronics Second Team OF 2013
Men's Golf (6 All-Americans)
Marc Hocking Honorable mention 2002
Marc Hocking Honorable mention 2003
Jon Olsen Second Team 2003
Todd Napikoski Honorable mention 2008
Tyler Bishop Honorable mention 2009
Kevin Witte Third Team 2013
Men's Outdoor Track & Field (6 All-Americans)
Trent Briney 10,000-meter run 4th 2000
Trent Briney 10,000-meter run 2nd 2001
Levi Brathal 10,000-meter run 7th 2003
Moses Tum 800-meter run 6th 2004
Moses Tum 800-meter run 6th 2005
Moses Tum 1,500-meter run 1st 2005
Women's Outdoor Track & Field (10 All-Americans)
Maddi Bosen 5,000-meter run 8th 2002
Tina Gray 3,000-meter steeplechase 5th 2003
Tina Gray 3,000-meter steeplechase 6th 2004
Shannon Payne 10,000-meter run 8th 2005
Sarah Shepard 3,000-meter steeplechase 7th 2005
Ashley Birger 3,000-meter steeplechase 6th 2006
Shannon Payne 3,000-meter run 7th 2007
Shannon Payne 10,000-meter run 4th 2008
Lauren Graham Pole vault 5th 2010
Lauren Graham Pole vault 6th 2011
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