UCCS adds women’s golf program starting Fall 2013

By Kyle Marino - UCCS Scribe published February 11, 2013

Beginning in Fall 2013, UCCS will be adding a women's golf team. The women's team will represent the 14th intercollegiate varsity sport offered on campus.

For years, nine by the count of Athletic Director Steve Kirkham, people have asked why there is a men's golf team and not a women's team on campus.

"Well, a lot of young ladies have figured out there is scholarship money available increasing the quality of women golfers," Kirkham said. "Also, we went [through] a Title Nine review, and figured now is the logical time to expand athletically."

UCCS is one of the most rapidly growing schools in the nation. Adding a women's golf team may expand the interest level and attract different students looking to become future Mountain Lions.

"Every time we expand, it expands our interest level around the state," Kirkham said. "Different sports bring different groups of people that want to attend UCCS."

Currently, there are no head coaching candidates for the women's golf team. The process for filling the head coaching vacancy will not begin until April 1, at which point the vacancy will be offered and candidates will emerge.

After a candidate is chosen, the new head coach will start the recruiting process.

"We will open April 1, make the announcement, we have a committee put together," Kirkham said. "We will find someone, get them turned loose and start recruiting. That is the biggest thing."

The women's team will feature about 10-12 female golfers and will have three "equivalencies" similar to scholarships that will be offered during the recruiting process.

The women's team will compete in Division II and will be inserted into the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

Building a winning culture may take time, but Kirkham expressed confidence that the prestige of UCCS will bring the best women's golfers to the campus.

"Our campus is an A-plus, our city is an A-plus, [our] facilities are an A-plus, our degree program is an A-plus and our coaches are an A-plus. Everything is an A-plus."

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