UCCS and CSU-Pueblo announce Steel and Silver Series

By Doug Fitzgerald published September 13, 2005

For years there has been an unspoken, but palpable, rivalry between the peoples of Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Recognizing this, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Colorado State-Pueblo announced the initiation of the Silver and Steel Series on Tuesday.

"This is something that probably should have been done a long time ago,' said UCCS athletic director Stephen Kirkham. "There has always been a natural rivalry between our two schools."

Separated by just 40 miles, the two communities are very close geographically, but miles apart culturally. In the early years of the 20th century, Pueblo was by far the larger of the two with its industrial base centered around steel production and meat packing. In the late 1900s, Colorado Springs outpaced its neighbor with its economy based upon high technology.

And throughout the century, residents of each community have looked upon the other with envious, and occasionally suspicious, eyes.

Now in the 21st century, the largest educational institutions of each community will acknowledge a rivalry that already exists, but now they will put it within the framework of athletic and academic competition - beginning with Tuesday's volleyball match at Massari Arena in Pueblo.

North vs. South. Little London vs. the Steel City. White collar vs. blue collar. Mountain Lions vs. Thunderwolves.

"The proximity of the schools will really add to the rivalry,' said UCCS women's basketball coach Jessika Stratton. "I know a lot of their fans drive up here whenever we play CSU-Pueblo and a lot of our fans go to our games there."

Points will be awarded each time UCCS and CSU-Pueblo face each other athletically and also to whichever school's student-athletes achieve the higher grade-point average. The winning institution will gain possession of the Steel and Silver Trophy, so named because of Pueblo's heritage in steel production and Colorado Springs' foundation in hard-rock mining.

"I think it's great,' said UCCS softball coach Scott Peterson. "I think we've had a rivalry going for quite awhile because whenever we play them the energy level goes up tremendously. We have a good time when we play them there and I'm sure they enjoy playing us here."

The point system will be as follows:
SPORT (number of competitions): Points
VOLLEYBALL (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.
SOCCER (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.
WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY (RMAC and Regional only) Two points each meet.
MEN'S BASKETBALL (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.
WOMEN'S BASKETBALL (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.
MEN'S GOLF (Undetermined number but usually four): One point each head-to head.
SOFTBALL (4/year plus playoffs): One point regular season, two points playoffs.
WOMEN'S TENNIS (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.
MEN'S TENNIS (2/year plus playoffs): Two point each match.

ACADEMICS: Five points for the Athletic Department whose student-athletes had the highest GPA for that school year (Fall and Spring semesters combined).

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