The Capital Construction Detail of the UCCS 2020 Strategic Plan outlines a series of investments the university plans to make in their campus to achieve the Strategic Plan goals. The plan shows anticipated invtestments for each academic year, which have been groupe into three phases to illustrate how development will take shape.

Phase One: 2012-14

With the Summit Village expansion and the Lane Center in design, Phase One is underway. Before 2014, the university will also pursue a Core Campus building to increase faculty office space. To prepare for additional housing and student recreation development in Alpine Village, the university will expand the parking system with a new garage. In anticipation of significant North Campus development in Phase Two ,the university will invest in infrastructure and the relocation of Mountain Lion Field with stadium seating for soccer and track events. Additionally, research facility renovations and purchases of East Campus properties will continue to advance progress on longterm goals.

Phase Two: 2014-17

Phase Two will enact transformational change on the North Campus with the development of new public venues, including the Visual and Performing Arts Center and Sports Arena. As campus activity shifts north, more investments will be made in North Campus infrastructure and recreation fields, and the transit spine will be constructed to facilitate easy access to this redeveloped district. The university will continue to increase its on-campus housing capacity by completing Alpine Village with several new residence halls and a building addition to the Student Recreation Center.

As the university completes its East Campus property acquisition in this phase, development will begin on the East Campus with the construction of South Hall, a new academic facility located adjacent to University Hall. The Core Campus will continue to grow as well with an expansion of the Family Development Center, and continued investment in research facilities.

Phase Three: 2017-2020

In the final phase of the 2020 Plan, the Health and Wellness Village will expand with the construction of the Phase II Wellness Center. A new baseball field and associated support facility will be added to the North Campus. During this phase, the university will undertake a significant Engineering and Applied Science Renovation and complete its planned research facility renovations.

Beyond 2020

As enrollment continues to grow in the years beyond 2020, the Master Plan allocates capacity for facilities that would accommodate 20,000 to 23,000 students on campus. Sites will be available on the East Campus and Core Campus to accommodate academic growth in support of the university's mission, particularly when additional parking structures are constructed. To continue housing 16 percent of its students on campus, new residence halls will be needed. The Master Plan shows a new housing village on the East Campus. The Academic Village planned for the Mesa has been programmed with flexibility to allow for additional housing or academic capacity depending on the university evolution and partnership opportunities. Finally, the Athletics District can support additional programs through new facilities, and several additional sites have been allocated for the build out of the Health and Wellness Village.

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