Future UCCS Arena

The arena is the anchor of North Campus development, contributing to a vibrant campus and a propserous city encomony. It provides a 4,000-seat venue for university athletics as well as entertainment events. No other facility of this size exists in Colorado Springs, allowing it to fill a niche in the market. Visitors arriving from the south will enter a grand atrium from North Campus Heights Road and travel upstairs to the concourse level, where they will have the opportunity to visit concessions stands before heading to their seat in the bowl. Visitors entering from the north and using the northernmost parking lot will enter at the concourse level.

In addition to functioning as an event venue, the facility will accomondate all athletics and ROTC programs on the ground level. This includes locker rooms, coaches' offices, clssrooms and meeting rooms, storage, and other support space. The facility will also include an athletic training area, weight room, and wrestling area. Consolidating these facilities allows the programs to share resources, and frees up valuable space in the Core Campus for student use. Programming studies suggest that this will require a 267,000 square foot facility.

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