Men’s cross country members volunteer at Kenyan children’s center

By Kyle Marino - UCCS Scribe published February 4, 2013

During the winter break, some of us used the time off to head somewhere warm. Kenya is probably farther than any of us traveled, but members of the UCCS men's cross country team called it home for almost a month.
A few days after Christmas, Head Men's Cross Country Coach Mark Misch and student athletes Robert Scrivner, Luke Dakin and David Marino embarked on a trip that took them almost 10,000 miles away from Colorado.
Coach Misch offered the opportunity to the entire cross country team. Those who made the trip spent 22 days in Kenya volunteering at a children's center with no electricity, no water and very little to live on.
"It was a challenge bigger than our world, but the right guys went on this trip," Misch said of Scrivner, Dakin and Marino.
"When you're in a third-world country, it is almost like camping inside all day; time was not an element out there in Kenya," he added.
Not many people can hold it together when living with almost nothing, but the teammates were able to keep it together and bring back valuable experiences to share.
"We came back with a mission," Dakin said. "We have a goal of raising over $4,000 to get seven teachers over to the school to help students learn and have a better student-to-teacher ratio."
Scrivner is a key catalyst to helping with the fundraising. He plans on making a running apparel line called Mizunga, a term the native Kenyans use for white people.
"I want to start off small with some running singlets, then maybe start making shorts, T-shirts, etc.," Scrivner said. "Our motto will be 'Run Like a White Guy.'"
In addition, they will attempt to raise money with a Kenyan dinner night at Grace Place Church on March 1.
"Our goal will be to make $1,500 in one night. We will be selling tickets for $10. All-you-can-eat delicious Kenyan food prepared by Scrivner, Marino and [me]," Dakin said.
They hope to raise enough money to get the kids the help they need and enhance the lives of people who are in need.
"You can make such a huge impact by doing so little, even if it is just showing up. The kids absolutely love it," Misch said. "These kids just love to have someone from the outside come in and show interest in their lives."

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