Information for Boosters

Are you a booster?

The NCAA definition of "representative of athletic interest" generally encompasses most individual who regularly attend UCCS athletic events. Once a representative, always a representative. Specifically, a booster or "representative of the athletic interests" is any individual, independent agency, corporate entity or other organization that is present or has ever:
  • Participated in promoting the institutions athletic program (such as buying season tickets to sporting events)
  • Participated in or been a member of the Mountain Lion Athletic Association
  • Contributed to the Department of Athletics at UCCS
  • Assist or have been requested by the department athletics staff to assist in the recruitment of perspective student-athletes
  • Assist in providing benefits (such as summer employment) to enrolled student-athletes
  • Have been otherwise involved in the UCCS athletics program
  • Have participated as a varsity athelte at UCCS

Activities that will harm UCCS prospective student-athletes

When contacting (including phone calls) or interacting with the prospective student and athlete you may not:
  • Contact (including phone calls) or interact with a prospective student-athlete or their family for the purpose of persuading them to attend UCCS
  • Contact coaches, guidance counselors or other school administrators in order to gain information on prospective student-athletes
  • Provide any other extra benefits to prospective student-athletes or their family and friends with transportation or financial assistance
  • Provide any other extra benefits to prospective student-athletes, family, friends or their coaches
  • Make contact with that prospective student-athlete or the prospect's family during unofficial or official visits
  • Provide the prospect or the prosect's relatives or legal guardians with money, tangible gifts or financial aid of any kind

Occasional exemptions

  • Once a year, boosters can finance a team's transportation to a recognition banquet as long as the finances go through the athletic department and the banquet is within 100 miles.
  • A booster may have the team to their homes for an occasional meal, and the meal my be catered. They may also provide reasonable transportation to the meal.
  • A student-athlete may accept transportation and meal expenses in conjunction with participation in a meeting of a booster club or civic organization, but it must be within 30 miles or UCCS.

Activites that will harm current student-athletes

You may not:
  • Generall provide benefits that are not available to other members of the UCCS student body.
  • Provide extra benefits to student-athletes or their family and friends. Examples of prohibited benefits include, but are not limited to:
    1. Gifts of money, awards, food/drink or other tangible items
    2. Loans of money or automobiles
    3. Professional services without charge or at a discount
    4. Providing transportation for the student-athletes ro their friends and family
    5. Use of ATM, credit or other types of gift cards
    6. Promises of employement or loans following college graduation
  • Use the name or image of a current student-athelte to advertise, recommend or promote products or services
  • Send student-athletes items to be autographed and return or use autographed items to raise funds for high schools

For prospective student-athletes, you may...

  • Identify outstanding potential student-athletes in your area, and forward information such as newspaper articles to the coach of that sport at UCCS.
  • Continue to establish friendships with friends and neighbors, even those with prospect-aged children; however, contact for recruiting purposes is still prohibited.
  • Attend, on your own initiative, events such as games and banquets where prospective student-athletes are present as long as you do not contact the prospect or their family for recruiting purposes.
  • Make donations to a high school if it is located in your community. That donation may not be made at the request of UCCS or UCCS coaches, and the funds must be distributed through established channels, not directed towards a specific student-athlete.
  • Answer a call from a prospective student-athlete (you may not initiate the call) regarding UCCS in general but not about UCCS athletics. Please promptly inform compliance services or the coach should the situation arise.

For current student-athletes, you may...

  • Provide summer employment to student-athletes, only if you contact compliance services at UCCS (719-255-3697) first and the student-athlete is compensated for work actually performed at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the locality for similar services.
  • Continue to come out and support student-athletes at UCCS athletic events.

Rule of Thumb

In general, boosters may not provide anything or make special arrangements for student-athletes and propsective student-athletes, that are not available to the general student population.

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