Fast start creates buzz around campus

By Marc Knutila published December 7, 2006

The UCCS men's basketball team is off to the best start in recent memory by beginning the season with a record of 4-1. In fact, they have tied the best start in school history along with the 1997-98 squad. It's an impressive start to the season and the UCCS campus is buzzing. well, maybe more like slightly vibrating. After all, we are talking about a team that has mightily struggled in the past few years.

No one is more familiar with the struggles of the UCCS basketball program than seventh-year senior, yes you read right seventh-year senior, Marsh Freeman.

"This is the best team I've ever seen since I've been here," he said. And that is saying something since Freeman is going on a decade here and in fact just missed the 1997-98 record breaking team.

"I'm really excited that they are finally starting to be competitive every night," Freeman said.

Although he admittedly is not a diehard UCCS basketball fan, he is always familiar with how they are doing and has made it out to about 10 games since he's been at UCCS.

"I'm going to wait until later in the season to go see a game when they are more important," Freeman said about attending a game.

Although Freeman is excited about the great start, he seems to be jaded due to all of the down seasons he has witnessed.

"We will probably find some way to screw up," he stated dejectedly.

The sad fact is that losing is something a person can get accustomed too and it can be hard to overcome. Chicago Cub fans anyone?

On the total flip side as far as successful basketball teams and tenure at UCCS is freshmen Jaime Beard who attended basketball powerhouse Columbine High School in Denver. He also happens to be a rabid UCCS basketball fan, even if they have only played five games since he's been on campus.

"Our basketball team is rude!" Beard excitedly exclaimed.

It seems Beard has brought the good luck of Columbine High School to UCCS. He attended the UCCS game against Carroll Wisconsin where the Mountain Lions scored 105 points en route to a 19 point victory.

"After that I want to go to every game," Beard replied.

But, like many sports fans around the country, to Beard it all boils down to winning.

"I probably wouldn't go to any games if they weren't good," he admitted.

Fortunately for Beard, he seems to have come along at the perfect time. Not so lucky is senior Amber Nider.

Nider, like Freeman, has had to endure that past three seasons where the team won a combined 6 total games.

"I'm glad to see they are finally doing really well," she said.

Unlike Freeman who is a bit hesitant about the great start, Nider is much more confident.

"From what I've heard they are going to be really good this year," she replied.

Nider, who is friends with a couple of the basketball players, does not see this team as a fluke.

"Hopefully all of the losing is over," she said with a slight smile.


Is that a buzz I just heard?

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