Scavenger hunt a big hit

By Jessika Stratton published September 11, 2006

Do not be alarmed. If on September 5 you saw Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne wandering around campus you were not hallucinating from the fumes in the science building. But in case you may have been mistaken that Jim Carrey put on his Dumb and Dumber tuxedo and made an appearance at UCCS, we would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Sorry to disappoint you but behind the bright blue and orange suits and top hats were two members of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Womenâ€TMs Basketball team competing in a costumed scavenger hunt.

Head Coach Jessika Stratton and Graduate Assistant Brittany Rowley put together a series of challenges, clues and bonus point activities around campus. The team was split up into groups of two or three and charged with the goal of claiming the “Amazing Race, Hoop Style,” title.

Teams raced around campus looking for five locations where they were to complete a challenge before receiving the next clue. From golfing, shooting baskets blindfolded, and trying to stuff giant marshmallows in their mouth, the ladies learned many new things about their teammates.

For instance, newcomer Tonya Tripp can place 16 giant marshmallows in her mouth at one time, Janean Jubic and Stacy LaBuhn are talented golfers and five players could make a half-court shot. Good thing to know if a game comes down to a Hail Mary half-courter.

Besides competing for first place in the race, the ladies were also given the option to earn bonus points. First bonus point challenge, come in costume. Second challenge, using a digital camera, capture a list of photographs including “Take a picture with a student you do no know,” “Take a picture with an IT guy,” and “Take a picture with a Campus Safety employee named Cassidy.” And for the ultimate point value, “Take a picture with Charlie Shub, our Faculty Athletics Representative.” Sorry to say he was unavailable for his photo shoot!

The winners of the “Amazing Race, Hoop Style” were the team of newcomers Candace Thornton and Nancy Hoist. The bonus point award winners were senior Dolly Fiedelman and freshman Brittany Fortier, a.k.a, Lloyd and Harry.

UCCS Players/Staff Featured

Nancy HoistNancy Hoist40F
Nancy HoistNancy Hoist40F
Nancy HoistNancy Hoist40F
Tonya TrippTonya Tripp43CSr.
Tonya TrippTonya Tripp43C
Janean JubicJanean Jubic12GFr.
Janean JubicJanean Jubic12GSo.
Janean JubicJanean Jubic21GJr.
Janean JubicJanean Jubic21GSr.
Candace ThorntonCandace Thornton23G/FSo.
Candace ThorntonCandace Thornton23G/FJr.
Brittany FortierBrittany Fortier14G/FSo.
Brittany FortierBrittany Fortier14G/FFr.
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